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What are Wefted Hair Extensions? sells Wefted hair extensions. A weft is a track several inches long on which the hair is attached (a swathe of hair is at the top and freely hanging at the bottom). A weft can be man-made or created by machine. The extensions are then applied by using one row (track) at the time instead of strand by strand. Methods of attachment of Wefts consist of Beaded Weft, Tape, Glue, and Sew-ins.

Beaded Weft – A weft is attached to a divided section of the client’s hair. Two strands (one from the scalp and another from the weft) are joined and pulled through a micro ring, which is then flattened. This way the weft is attached by fitting together several strands both from the weft and the scalp.

Taped – also available in a more exepensive type called skin weft, both are a relatively newer technique. Hair is sandwiched between 2 pieces of tape hair which attaches to the hair using a double transparent sided polyurethane tape.

Glued Weft - Glue is simply applied to the sewed part of the weft and then attached to the client’s hair in rows.

Braidless Sewin - The natural hair is beaded into small sections throughout the extension coverage area. After this has been done, the wefts are sewn onto these beaded sections. There are no braids which means less headaches and breakage of your natural hair.

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