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How much Bundle Hair Do You Need to Buy For a Full Weave?

Essence Hair Club has the most affordable quality BUNDLE HAIR deals online...

If you plan on wearing your weave for a long period of time or are getting a sew in,
we highly recommend that you invest in quality BUNDLE HAIR weave.  If you want to get a full sew in, two to three bundles would be enough to do your entire head.  Some people like to use more to make it look more full; in this case buy 4-5 bundles.  If you are on a budget or don't desire it to look extremely full you can get two to three bundles and that will suffice.

Pros to purchasing bundled hair:

  • lasts longer
  • can be used more than once
  • virgin, unprocessed hair
  • does not tangle
  • does not shed

To see Bundle Hair Deals, visit our BUNDLE DEALS page to shop now.

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